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Privacy Policy

KAMISHO INCORPORATED (Kamisho) is committed to protecting your privacy. In order to disseminate the importance of respecting the privacy of visitors to Kamisho’s website throughout our company, we have established the following privacy policy.
Management of the user’s information
We employ appropriate measures, proper security system and education, in the maintenance and management of personally identifiable information in order to keep your information accurate and latest so that we protect the information from risks such as unauthorized access, loss, damage, alteration, and disclosure.
Purpose of use of the user’s information
We will collect personally identifiable information you provide to us. We may use such information to notify you of our business, to answer your inquiries by phone or mail and to send you brochures and samples on you request.
Prohibiting the sharing of user’s information with third parties
We strongly believe in protecting the privacy of the personally identifiable information you provide us and never to share it with third parties except for the following cases.
・When you admit us to share your information with others.
・When we share it with our affiliated companies to response your inquiries or requests.
・When we are ordered to open it by law.
Security measures
We highly respect the accuracy and safety of the personally identifiable information and employ reasonable and appropriate security measures to protect your information.
You may request us to disclose, revise or delete the retained personal data of yours which we hold for your examination and confirmation. In that case we will respond in a reasonable time and to a reasonable extent, upon verifying that the person making such a request is the one for whom disclosure is being requested.
Compliance policy
We handle any personally identifiable information properly and in compliance with the Personal Information Protection Law in Japan and other applicable statutes. Also we revise and update this policy as needed.
Privacy Policy Contact Information
If you have any questions about the Privacy Policy, you may contact us using the information below.
Osaka Business Department
2-5-28, Nishi-hommachi, Nishi-ku, Osaka City, Osaka 550-0005, Japan
TEL: +811-6-6533-0231 FAX:+811-6-6533-0233
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Terms and Conditions

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